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Practices for Beginners CD

This audio CD was created for students who want help with their practice at home. Included on the CD are three practices for beginners. Janice leads the listener through the sequences that are 20 minutes long including a sitting meditation to start and a relaxation at the end. The routines are easy to follow.

Here is the link for free access to these audio-only yoga practices:

A 14 minute guided relaxation is now on our Facebook page:

All of the practices and readings are from the course, Compassion at the Edge, taught by Roshi Joan Halifax.

Week 1
  • “The GRACE model, a five-step practice was developed to cultivate compassion in real time. The G of GRACE stands for gathering one’s attention. With the inhale, gather your attention, with the exhale feel the experience of your body. Note the gap after the exhalation and rest there.”

Week 2
  • “The R of GRACE is recalling one’s intention. Your intention may be to help others professionally or help a friend get through a bad time. Recalling your intention can help inspire and access a deep well of energy.”

Week 3
  • “The A of GRACE stands for attuning to self and other. Learn to attune to yourself with this practice. On the in-breath, sense into your experience of the body, the various sensations, without judging or getting caught up in them. Then return to awareness of the breath. Then sense your emotions that are present, using the breath to ground you. Then return to breath awareness. Then notice the thoughts that arise, without needing to evaluate them, record them or hold onto them. Then return to breath awareness.”

Week 4
  • “The C of GRACE stands for considering what will serve. The C could stand for curiosity. We are invited to back up, give space and look deeply before we react. That way our reaction is not defensive, but skillful.”

Week 5
  • “The E of GRACE stand for engagement and ending. We take action (or not) based on what arises from the previous steps of GRACE. If we’re embodied, we’re more likely to be aligned with our own values and the values of those we’re endeavoring to serve- and hopefully with the values of the institution in which we serve. Being in alignment gives rise to a sense of ease (rather than stress) because it comes from faith and openness.”

More Help with Home Practice

The Iyengar Yoga Association of Greater New York has created excellent level I and Level II sequences for practice at home. Download the sequences here.