About Janice Vien, RN

Janice Vien RN has been practicing yoga since 1982 and teaching since 1989. She has an Iyengar Level 3 Teaching Certificate (formerly Junior Intermediate 3). She brings years of dedicated practice to her teaching along with knowledge of the body gained from her background in nursing and massage therapy. She has been the mentoring teacher for many of the other Iyengar certified teachers in NH and VT, helping them attain their certifications. She enjoys sharing yoga with beginners as well with seasoned practitioners and teachers. She is available for private sessions for those with chronic illnesses or injuries.

Janice is a role model for all who study with her. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience from her background in nursing and massage therapy as well as years of a devoted yoga practice and study with senior Iyengar yoga teachers. Her clarity of instruction, precise adjustments and her insight into both the art and science of yoga is inspirational.

Jill Johnson