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Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra ®
with Rick Lamont

  • Rick donates his time for Yoga Nidra. If you find it has been of benefit, please donate to Seva

Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra ® is a form of meditation and transformation whose roots are grounded in the wide and deep field of yogic tradition found in yogic texts, philosophy and psychology. The framework of Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra is based on the yogic model of koshas, which represent each layer or sheath of our being – physical, energetic, emotional, mental, intuitive and spiritual self. Yoga Nidra is a process that gives us an experience of knowing and becoming aware of each kosha in order to move consecutively to the next kosha, from gross to subtle, to the deepest place within ourselves, called Brahman, our true Self.
Not only is this practice relaxing and energizing; it has the power to transform us at deep levels to become more of who we are and to live life from an awareness of our true Self with clarity, purpose and confidence. It is one of the deepest of all meditations, going beyond meditation, as our awareness is led through each of the koshas to our true Self.
Nidra means sleep. Yoga means yoke, or union, wholeness and one-pointed awareness. Yoga Nidra, yogic, or dynamic, sleep, refers to awakening in every level of our being through a specific guided meditation practice. It also refers to the higher states of mind and meditation that it produces. Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra is a copyrighted name, referring to a method of Yoga Nidra developed by Jennifer Reis, E-RYT 500, LMT, Shiatsu and Ayurvedic Therapist.
An inviting practice, Yoga Nidra can be practiced by everyone, regardless of age or physical ability. All that is required is to lie down and listen. It is a systematic method of complete relaxation and peace, not only for the physical body, but also for the deeper emotional and mental systems, penetrating to the roots of stress and allowing the release of subconscious tensions and tendencies that inhibit us from living fully. Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra brings us to a place of deep calm, quiet and clarity.