Special Between-Session Classes taught by Laura Hanson E-RYT 500

July 9, July 11, July 16 and July 18

All classes $14.00 and run from 9:00- 10:30am

No need to sign up, just come. If new, please come 10 minutes early.

All levels welcome.

No make- up classes from previous sessions for these classes.

Summer 2018 Classes

Drop-in class fee is $17.00. You are welcome to drop in on a class that is appropriate for your level of experience. If you have had no yoga instruction and it is towards the end of a session, please drop in to a Gentle class.

Download registration form,

July 23, 2018 – August 24, 2018


10-11:30am Level 1 $70 Janice


9-10:30am Continuing $70 Janice
5:45-6:45pm Gentle $70 Janice
7 – 8:30pm Level 3 $70 Janice

WEDNESDAY (No class August 8)

6:00-7:30pm Level 1 $56 Sondra


9 – 10:30am Level 1 $70 Janice
10:45-11:45am Gentle $70 Janice


9 -10:30am Level 2-3 $70 Janice
5:00 -5:45pm Meditation FREE

If you prefer, you can download a printable class schedule:

If you miss a class or a class is canceled due to weather conditions or teacher illness, you may make up that class by dropping in on another class. No credit is given for missed classes in the next session. If you sign up for the next session, you may make up missed classes from a previous session. You are responsible for keeping track of your missed classes, not the instructor.


For those with injuries, chronic illnesses or who want an easier going practice.

Level 1



For those who have a firm foundation in the basic yoga poses and want to work with inversions and backbends.

Level 2

For those who have a foundation in the standing poses and want to practice standing poses, inversions, backbends and forward bends.

Level 3

For those who practice regularly all the above poses.


For those who want to gather together to sit silently for meditation practice.


For those who want to practice breath regulation to help quiet the mind and reduce stress.